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Media credentials are required to cover any of the DC Batman™ Run Series events. To apply for media credentials to cover any of the DC Batman Run Series events, please click here.


SON Events grants members of the media (“Media“) limited access to DC Batman Run-branded events in the form of credentials (“Credentials“). To be eligible to receive Credentials for DC Batman Run Series-branded event (an “Event“), Media must complete a Credentials application (“Application“) for such Event. Only Media whose primary purpose is to cover an Event as a working news media outlet will be considered for Credentials. Incomplete or late Applications will not be approved by SON Events. Applications for an Event received less than one (1) week prior to the applicable Event date will be considered late.

Once SON Events has received an application, the Media requesting the Credential will receive an email confirmation stating that their Credential request has been received. If the Credential request is approved, the Media who has been approved to receive the Credential will be subject to the terms and conditions below (the “Terms and Conditions“).

In the weeks leading up to the Event, the approved Media will receive additional information regarding their Credential.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to film an Event as a part of a documentary or other broadcast production, please make special note of this activity when requesting your Credentials.